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Emergency Services in Dharwad

Emergencies and unpredictable situations might arrive at any time, uncalled for and demanding rescue operation. Emergency situations can never be foreseen as they always are sudden and unexpected and there may be grievances emanating after one has occurred. It is always better to be aware of those unforeseen situations or at least try to prevent them as much possible and at the earliest. Therefore, police, fire brigade, blood banks, eye banks, disaster management forces are essential to avoid these emergency and tackle them.

Police stations are always active in Dharwad to fight off crime and any evil doings that might be happening in the city; similarly fire brigade services in the city also try to prevent any fire outbreak in Dharwad. Blood banks and medicine stores also try to avoid emergencies arising in the city. Dharwad has police stations in Alnavar, Chikkamalligawad, Karwar road, Belgaum road and Station road. All the helpline numbers of Deputy Commissioners and other officers in these respective police stations are available for citizens to reach out to them in distress.

Control lines are also available especially for elders, children, women and traffic and for quick response against any emergency arising in the city of Dharwad. Police and fire brigade services are always alert in order to prevent any hazardous situation in the city.

Emergency Services in Dharwad

Police and Fire Brigade Helpline in Dharwad

Police and fire brigade are indispensable services required at every unpredictable moment of crisis in a citizen’s life. A crisis is always ambushed round the corner and can pounce on at any unforeseen moment, hence the intervention of police and fire brigade is required to be salvaged from these situations, say a fire outbreak, a theft, a crime, a murder and for endless possibilities lurking in the darkness. Dharwad has police stations at service of its citizens and helpline numbers for citizens in dire needs of tackling emergency situations. Similarly a fire brigade service is also at disposal in Dharwad for preventing and controlling any fire outbreak in any corner of the city.

Given Below is a list of Police Helpline Numbers in Dharwad

Designation: Deputy Commissioner
DC Compound Road, DC Compound, Dharwad
Helpline: 0836-2233888

Designation: PSI Garag
Garag Main Road, Garag, Dharwad
Helpline: 0836-2233217

Designation: PSI Alnavar
Karvar Main Road, Karvar Road, Dharwad
Helpline: 0836- 2233216

Designation: DR DSP Dharwad
Belgaum Main Road, Belgaum Road, Dharwad
0836- 2233204

Designation: DSP of Dharwad
Belgaum Main Road, Belgaum Road, Dharwad
Helpline: 0836- 2233207

Designation: PSI Of Dharwad
Chikkamalligawad Main Road, Chikkamalligawad, Dharwad
Helpline: 0836- 2233215

Designation: DSP Dharwad Rural
Belgaum Main Road, Belgaum Road, Dharwad
Helpline: 0836- 2233202

Designation: PSI Dharwad Rural
Station Road, DC Compound, Dharwad
Helpline: 0836-2233213

Designation: District Control Room
Belgaum Main Road, Belgaum Road, Dharwad
Helpline: 0836- 2233201

Emergency Helpline Numbers
Control Room - 100
Elders - 1090
Women - 1091
Children - 1098
Traffic - 103

Fire Brigade Numbers
Dharwad, Karnataka- 580001
Ph no: 0836-2442496

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